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Colette Lotz


Colette Lotz (née Vosloo) was born in 1971 and completed her tertiary education at the Vaal Triangle Technikon (currently the Vaal University of Technology) during which she received various merit awards.  Her master’s degree in Fine Art focused on postcolonial studies with emphasis on the work of Penny Siopis. As an artist she has participated in various exhibitions. She previous lectured at the Vaal University of Technology and is currently envolved with the Graphic Design Department of North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, where she teaches Illustration Art.


Title Ons ‘Queen’
Medium Digital Print
Dimensions 15 cm x 17 cm
Edition 2 Copies
Price -


The book entitled Ons ‘Queen’ (Our Queen) was inspired by the birth of my firstborn, Danielle, on the 10th of March 2009. The word ‘Queen’ is a humorous name my husband and I call her, because she took in such and important place in our lives – she rules!

The book is not intended to be a recording of her “first things” in terms of her development, but is rather a subjective reflection of my personal experiences of trying to conceive, a subsequent miscarriage, the death of my father and finally conceiving and giving birth to Danielle. The book features frames which focus attention on the importance of family, love and of belonging. The tree symbol also occurs throughout and refers to both the family tree and the development of new life, played off against images of my late father. Throughout the book, binary oppositions between, for example, life and death, joy and sadness, and good and bad experiences are constantly juxtaposed.

The format is small and reflects the intensely intimate experience of life and death, as well as the experience of becoming a mother. The personal nature of the content might be inaccessible to some, but the viewer who shares similar experiences may identify with its essence.











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