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Claudette Maskell


Claudette Maskell is currently a fourth-year graphic design student at the North-West University.


Title The kink in me
Medium Paper, raw silk, embroidery
Dimensions 21 cm x 19 cm
Edition Unique
Price -


This book entitled The kink in me visually tells the story of my journey of acceptance. This acceptance deals with both my physical appearance (more specifically my unruly hair) and the myth surrounding my heritage. It is a humorous look at my childhood and the legend which surrounds the women in my family. The digital illustrations in the beginning of the book represent the tangibility of photographs which remind me of my childhood and past. As the story progresses, the illustrations become less digitally altered and more tactile. The printing process almost done away with completely. In this way my journey into adulthood is symbolised by these pages. As I mature, I learn to accept the world the way it is, without trying to alter my own point of view in exchange for another.