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Cashandra Willemse


Cashandra is currently a member of the Graphic Design staff at the North-West University. A dedicated follower of design trends, past, present and future, she believes in the language of design and the value it adds to our everyday lives. This is her second year of employment at the North-West University and her ninth year in education. Before returning to South Africa at the end of 2000 she found herself working in a mixture of design and education contexts in Singapore for three years. Before travelling abroad she ran her own design studio, Red Pepper Design - a natural progression from working in the advertising and design industry.


Title MARY AND CHILD, an illustrated book of love
Medium Digital print on archival paper
Dimensions 156mm high x 111mm wide (closed), Various dimensions possible (open)
Edition Unique
Price -


The book is a portrait study of the Mother Mary and Child. It illustrates the love between mother and child, and particularly the beauty that exists within that bond. The depiction of the Mother and Child will have no more, and no less meaning in the beauty of the page and the message read from paging and interacting with the various contexts of the illustrations. As a mother, the pure gift of being able to borrow a child within this universe still remains a daily miracle in my life. There is beauty in innocence. Sadly, the fragility of the soul and the infinite potential of a newborn are threatened because of contamination by society, but the beauty of innocence remains.