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Steven Bosch


Steven Bosch is a lecturer in Communication (Corporate, New Media and Development Communication) at the North-West University. He completed a B.Bk (Business Communication) cum laude in 2001. Steven completed his Master’s in Development Communication focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention at the end of 2009. He has coordinated the Aardklop Visual Arts appreciation programme for school pupils from 2005 to 2007. He has also exhibited as part of the group exhibition Streek at Aardklop 2007 to 2009 and was co-curator of the photographic exhibition Potchefstroom 170 at Aardklop in 2008. He has had artworks included on the Sasol New Signatures exhibition in 2008 and 2009.

Bosch works as a photographer and has taken part in the Streek group exhibitions of Aardklop in 2007 and 2008 and was a finalist in Sasol New Signatures in 2008.



Title Potchefstroom: Impressions on a City
Medium Artist’s book with photographic images
Dimensions Ringbound book (landscape format) of 27cm X 19 cm, Book includes a set of 6 postcards (15cm X 10.5 cm) and a flipbook (10cm X 10cm).
Edition 1 of 10
Price Price negotiable


This book is a photographic exploration of the changing face of Potchefstroom over the past few years and is presented in the same way as typical tourist guides to cities, and shows properties that have been documented in various stages of demolition or decay highlighted as attractions. The tourism concept is furthered with a set of postcards that are included in the front of the book.


Potchefstroom, being a student town, has in the past few years undergone quite a transformation, with many developers demolishing old houses specifically in the Bult area in the vicinity of the University, which used to be a beautiful residential area.


This book serves to highlight how easily local heritage is wiped away.